Policy Agreement

The Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists Policies: By registering for training or renewing membership you are agreeing to be bound by the following policies. The Academy of Financial Divorce Specialist (hereafter known as the “AFDS”) reserves the right, including but not limited to the following: Membership Policy Membership renewals are due annually on October 31st. Memberships that have not been renewed by October 31st will cost $325.00 (plus tax). Should the membership lapse for a period greater than two years; the member will be required to audit the course for retraining. All l module exams are to be submitted electronically and the final case study either as a pdf in the exact order the report would be provided to the client or lawyer. If retraining is not completed, it will result in the member’s designation being withdrawn, removal from website, loss of software access, and cancellation of any other benefits provided by the AFDS. Rescindment of Designation Policy The AFDS may revoke the ‘CFDS’ designation should a member be found deficient and does not adhere to the Code of Professional Ethics and Professional Best Practice Standards. Failure to comply may result in expulsion and exclusion from the AFDS as outlined in the Code of Professional Ethics. Contact Information & Communication Policy Our primary method of communication is email. Examples of communication may include but are not limited to: membership notifications, updates to software and other supportive tools & resources, course completion notifications, training opportunities, etc. All students and members are responsible to notify the AFDS of any changes to their contact information. Software Policy The Perspectives Software© is licensed by the AFDS. It is not for sale or distribution and is only to be used by those who are actively enrolled in the ‘CFDS’ course, or those who have successfully completed the course and remain in good standing with the AFDS Audit Policy The AFDS will audit its students and members for proof of designation, completion of required continuous education credits, and/or proof of Errors and Omissions Insurance at any time. Failure to provide required proof of documentation can result in termination of membership or abrogation of the Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS) designation. Enrollment Policy The AFDS may refuse enrollment of a student based on misleading or falsification of information. Students are to complete the course within one year of enrolment. In the event the student fails to finish the course within the allotted time frame, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the AFDS and set up an extension to the course prior to the course enrollment expiring. The administration fee for an extension is $395.00 (plus tax) and an additional shipping fee will be charged if extra material is required. The AFDS may change the administration fee at any time without notice. Students who fail to complete the course in the extended period of time, or fail to notify the AFDS of course extension being required, will have to purchase the course again and retake any previous exams. Cancellation Policy Should the AFDS cancel the Professional Development Day or any training sessions, attendees have the option of either a rain check for the next event or reimbursement for the cost of the training or full reimbursement of the course less the hard copy resources materials. Exam Policy (Module One, Module Two & Final Exam)
  • Module One or Two: If a student is not successful in achieving a passing grade, the exam rewrite fee is $50 (plus tax) per rewrite.
  • Final Exam: After completion of Modules One to Four, students are responsible to email the AFDS to request the final exam. The exam must be completed and submitted within 30 days of receipt. Submission of the exam includes: digital copy of the case file and a professional hard copy of the report for the client. If a student is not successful in achieving a passing grade, the exam rewrite fee is $125 (plus tax). If after 30 days the student has not completed the final case study exam, the cost for a 30 day extension is $50.00 plus applicable taxes. Rewrites for the final exam must be completed within 30 days of the verbal defense. If after 30 days you have not sent in a digital copy of your final exam, the cost for a 30 day extension is an additional $50.00 plus applicable taxes. Failure to complete the final exam or rewrite exam within the allotted 30 days will result in having to re-register for the course, pay the course fee, rewrite all the exams and rewrite the final case study.