Meet the Mentors

Our Mentors from across the county who are seasons CFDS-AA professionals who train our graduates in the practical skills required to provide the highest level of expertise to clients.

Renée Le Nobel: CPA, CA FPSC Level 1 Certificant, CFDS-AA

I am a sole proprietor who obtained my MBA in 1997 and my CPA, CA designation in 2001. That said, most of my experience and know how comes from transitioning from my role as a full time stay-at-home parent to that of a business owner of a thriving small business that provides bookkeeping, accounting and tax services for individuals and small businesses with a focus on helping individuals and couples that are navigating separation and divorce. My main area of expertise is creating budgets and financial plans for individuals to navigate their future lives once they are separated and divorced.

Wendy Olson-Brodeur: CFP, RFM & Collaborative Prof, CFDS-AA

Wendy is passion to educate on alternatives to traditional separation & divorce; Mediation & Collaboration. Get educated before you negotiate. Money is 90% of the agreement, get licensed professionals to help you understand the strategies.

Gail Belchior: BA/Bed, PFP, AccFM, CFDS-AA

Gail is an accredited financial and family mediation expert specializing in separation and divorce and mediation. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, accreditation and expertise spanning the fields of finance and mediation, Gail’s current focus is providing people with the tools to make informed and appropriate financial decisions in stressful and emotional times. As the Owner, Family Mediator and Financial Divorce Consultant at Financial Divorce Solutions, Gail works with individuals and couples to provide the financial analysis necessary to develop the best settlement proposals to meet future lifestyle projections and provide a comfortable and secure financial plan. Accredited in Family Mediation, Gail guides her clients through the process to reach a mutually agreeable settlement. Gail completed the CFDS training in September 2011. Recently, Gail has added Financial Relationship Solutions for all individuals and couples to gain a deeper understanding of money. The two entities are now the core services provided by Money Matters Services and Solutions – Making Money Make Sense for You and Your Life. Gail is also a founding member of SPA-Separation Professionals Alliance. Find out how Gail Belchior’s financial expertise can untangle your finances.

Terri McDougall: FMA PFP, CFDS-AA

Terri is a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist with over 25 years of experience in the banking and Wealth Management fields. As a CFDS, Terri assists clients with gathering, documenting, and making sense of their financial information. In the collaborative process, Terri’s role is that of a financial neutral acting for both parties. Terri can review settlement options and proposals with you to determine the long-term implications and effect on your future well-being. Education is key in preparing clients for better decision-making. Terri helps clients increase their comfort level with regards to financial planning, budgeting, insurance, and investments and can make appropriate referrals and introductions to ensure all one’s needs are met post divorce. Terri has a passion for working with clients in transition, and takes a personal interest in ensuring clients maintain civil relationships in the best interests of their family. Her goal is to assist couples in getting through a difficult and emotional time, efficiently and productively, while bringing some sensibility and perspective to the process. Member of SPA-Separation Professionals Alliance. 62 McRae Dr., Toronto, Ontario M4G 1S4 & 291 Pine St., Collingwood, Ontario.

Blair Corkum: CPA, CA, R.F.P. CFP, CLU, CHS, CFDS-AA

I hold my Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), Chartered Accountant (CA), Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS) and a Registered Financial Planning (R.F.P.) designations, and several other related designations. I have been providing advice, including training workshops, on child support since 1997, including participation on the Advisory Committee on Child Support for the federal Deputy Minister of Justice prior to 2002. After the initial exposure to child support issues, my training and experience has expanded to all financial areas of separation and divorce. I work with individuals, their lawyers/mediators/family counsellors, as well as PEI Supreme Court judges and family court staff, on determination of income, child and spousal support, equalization of assets, and related tax and financial issues. I have been hired as an expert witness both by client lawyers and by judges of the Supreme Court. My focus is engagements where couples are working together cooperatively, and truly seeking fair settlements. My goal is to provide parties with objective calculations of their entitlements to minimize both legal costs and emotional stress, which can be devastating to spouses and their children. For more, see my web site.

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