Life Transitions

Proactive Planning for Life Transitions


Collaborative Cohabitation & Marriage Agreements

Many hours, weeks, months and dollars are spent planning a wedding day, parties and trips that last for a very short time.  Little or no thought is put into a plan to join lives together, manage a consolidated budget, merge assets and determine responsibilities.

Creating a plan where couples are integrally involved and committed to an agreement they want to follow reduces stress, arguments and high legal bills.  In fact, it provides tools to succeed together.

-Client driven and controlled through respectful personal involvement in the process

-Each person brings their voice for their financial goals as an integral part of building the plan

-Both individual and couple goals are developed fitting into life and the plan

-It could be for 5 years or longer and would be revisited at the end of the agreed upon time

-When a major change occurs – birth/adoption, career change, etc. the agreement is revisited since it is living document adaptable to change as the couple grows

-Agreements are tailored to fit and suit each individual and couple’s needs and wishes

-Utilizes a team of professionals for the skills they provide in the development of the agreement


Relationship or Marital breakdown

Getting Separated or Divorced is never easy.  Adding the burden of financial separation can add fuel to the fire that may already be out of control.  See how a CFDS can help you during this difficult process.


The importance of a CFDS is to assist lawyers and/or mediators in designing settlement proposals that will maximize client satisfaction, taking into consideration all the financial information.  These reports provide insight on the financial outcome of the client's decision.  There is no limit to the number of scenarios a client can request, and the reports show the financial consequences to each decision from 1 to 25 years or more in the future.

A CFDS can be recruited directly by one or both parties and/or by one or both lawyers or a mediator at anytime during the process.   A retainer based on the estimated amount of time to be devoted to the case including analysis and projections for various settlement options plus other services described.  The hourly rate varies.

Team Members:

  • Family professional – for personal, career, family, and parenting, etc.
  • Financial professional – for budgets, asset joining or sharing or division and projections, etc.
  • Lawyers – guiding, advising legal responsibilities and final legal documents. etc

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