Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist

Course is divided into four modules consisting of reading materials, video tutorials and software manipulation.

Module 1 Module One: General Information, Ethics & Practice Standards
Section 1 Welcome: A few special notes as you begin  
Section 2 History - Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists - All Canadian Training Content  
Section 3 President and Primary Trainer  
Section 4 Study Notes  
Section 5 Information for Professionals and Clients in Separation and Divorce  
Section 6 Providing Clients Tips for Choosing Professionals  
Section 7 Tips for Clients Preparing for Separation  
Section 8 Standards, Ethics, Guidelines, Divorce Law and Glossary  
Section 9 Role of the Financial Divorce Specialist  
Section 10 Cable TV Program on Divorce  
Section 11 Ethics - Practice Standards - Process  
Section 12 Exam: Module One General  
Section 13 Exam: Module One Ethics & Practice Standards  
Section 14 End of Module One  
Module 2 Module Two: Tax and Calculating Worksheets
Section 1 Module Two: Tax, Pensions, Property, Support, Insurance  
Section 2 Tax Issues  
Section 3 Spousal Support Guidelines - Overview with Professor Thompson  
Section 4 Review Spousal Support Details  
Section 5 Spousal Support: Background - Reports and Issues:  
Section 6 Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines  
Section 7 Income Sharing as the Basic Structure  
Section 8 The Without Child Support Formula Approach  
Section 9 The Without Child Support Rudimentary Formula  
Section 10 The With Child Support Formula Approach  
Section 11 Ceilings and Floors  
Section 12 Variation, Review, Remarriage, Second Families  
Section 13 Property  
Section 14 Property- Election to Opt Out of Asset Transfer  
Section 15 Net Family Property  
Section 16 Basics of Pension Division  
Section 17 Government Pension Credits  
Section 18 Relationships - Emotions  
Section 19 Tax Exam  
Section 20 Calculating Worksheet Exam  
Section 21 End of Module Two  
Module 3 Tools for Financial Divorce Specialists
Section 1 Module Three: Marketing  
Section 2 Divorce Marketing Group  
Section 3 Marketing Plan  
Section 4 Future Projections  
Section 5 Processes Or Methods Of Separating Or Divorcing  
Section 6 Lawyer Interviews  
Section 7 Perspectives Software  
Section 8 Accessing The Software  
Section 9 Perspectives Software – Introduction  
Section 10 Perspectives Software - Basic Input  
Section 11 Perspectives Software - Saving Files  
Section 12 Case Study Laurin and Steven  
Section 13 Case Study Albert and Victoria  
Section 14 Sample Financial Report  
Section 15 Exam 3 - Case Study  
Module 4 Module Four: Final Case Study
Section 1 Module 4: Introduction to Module 4  
Section 2 Case Studies and Analysis  
Section 3 Civil Law - Divorce in Québec  
Section 4 Getting ready for the Final Exam  
Section 5 Final Exam