CFDS-AA: Susan Nardi, Sudbury, ON

CFDS-AA Susan Nardi Sudbury, ON
CFDS-AA Susan Nardi
Sudbury, ON

Meet our first CFDS-AA’s who successfully satisfied the standards for holding this designation:

Susan Nardi, Sudbury, ON

Mrs. Nardi is a compassionate professional who graduated from McMaster University and went on to become a CFP through FP Canada, and now offers financial planning to clients through Sound Financial Strategies with her husband, David Yurich.

In 2012, Mrs. Nardi became a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist graduate and after expanding her skills with all levels of collaborative practice training, began to focus more of her practice on helping couples through separation and divorce.

Mrs. Nardi is President of the Collaborative Practice Sudbury Group and our first featured CFDS of the Ambassador program.

Recently Mrs. Nardi received the CFDS-AA in 2022 via the temporary grandfathering period based on her excellent endorsements from legal colleagues and proven high quality of case work completed.

Learn more about Mrs. Nardi’s Chartered Financial Divorce practice here:

Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist designation – Advanced Accreditation (CFDS-AA)

The following requirements must be met to be grandfathered for this higher designation:

  • Graduated CFDS
  • E & O insurance coverage up to date
  • Three (3) letters of endorsement from other professionals who worked on cases together
    • Checklist for endorsement (see application)
  • Proof of other designations (if applicable)

For those eligible to be grandfathered, the temporary discount is available until August 31st

July 1st to August 31st – $500 + HST

The criteria to determine eligibility for grandfathering is available via a preliminary form you can request via specifying ‘Mentor Designation Grandfathering’ in the subject line.