Canadian Financial Divorce Designation Clarification

Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists, CFDS training provider for the Canadian designation Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist


After the initial request by the IDFA to have all Canadian CDFA members move over to the Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists, the fact that a small number do not have a financial designation that qualifies for the CFDS, prompted them to provide a way for those people, without a financial designation, to maintain their initial CDFA designation. However, the IDFA messaging has extended to all Canadian CDFA members causing confusion and many calls to our office.

There have been ongoing questions from the renewal requests you have received from the IDFA, even though you have the prerequisite accreditation for your CFDS designation, and we wish to clear these queries up. There is no requirement for you to renew with the IDFA unless you wish to continue to carry the American CDFA designation.

We encourage you to evaluate if you are receiving good value by paying a renewal fee for the lack of support being received.

The Academy provides you with ongoing assistance for any cases by phone and email, the proprietary software for projections, regular webinars, monthly newsletters, ongoing updating of Canadian changes, conferences at reduced costs, and CE credits.

We are always available to assist with your questions or needs and appreciate feedback on ways to help you with your practice.
Contact us anytime with your questions and ideas.

Thank you

Linda Cartier