As Inflation Drives Up Wedding Costs, Couples Get Creative Growing Flowers and Bartering

As inflation drives up wedding costs, couples get creative growing flowers and bartering



“the average wedding in Canada costs $29,450 – with food and beverages accounting for roughly half of that total – in May 2020; prices have now jumped as much as 50%.”

“people need to be more realistic about their weddings and the times that we live in.”

“clients spend on lavish weddings despite their budgets not matching their day-to-day lifestyles.”

“You should be worried far less about your wedding budget and more about your overall life budget.”

“Spend wisely and in line with your values. If you’re looking at a wedding website that says you should spend $5,000 on your dress when you only have $5,000 to spend on your whole wedding, it’s a moot point”

How many overspending on their wedding still miss speaking with a CFDS or ensuring they have a prenuptial agreement?

**Clients need to have the financial elements fully identified + creative options reviewed with qualified CFDS for their agreement to work well. (Could be cash flow, asset or debt division, special needs costs, estate items, etc.)

Are wedding designers bringing this up?

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