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Past Professional Development Day Presentations:

  1. Rod Burylo presents on Ethics Click here to view
  2. Braham Siegel presents on The Legal View Click here to view
  3. Kevin Wong presents on Tax Aspects Click here to view
  4. Katy Basi presents on Estate Planning Click here to view

Training Course Files and Videos

  1. Click here to read the Best Practice Standards and Code of Ethics
  2. Click here for Divorce Law from Justice Canada
  3. Guidelines for Professionals and Clients
  4. Click here for Family Law Terms
  5. Presentation:  Role of CFDS, Go to video
  6. Cable TV Program on Divorce: Go to video
  7. Ethics - Practice Standards - Process: Go to video
  8. Tax, Pensions, Property, Support, Insurance: Go to video
  9. Spousal Support Guidelines: Go to video
  10. Review Spousal Support Details: Go to video
  11. Variation, Review, Remarriage, Second Families 6 Errors - 6 Minutes Lawyer
  12. Basics of Pension Division: Pension Video Notes (Edmond Burrows), Go to video part 1, Go to video part 2
  13. Government Pensions Credits: Read more about Bill 133, General Information Q & A Valuation and Division of Pension Assets on Breakdown of a Spousal Relationship
  14. Relationships - Emotions: Go to video
  15. Software - Perspectives: Go to video
  16. Dan Courvette: Lecture on Marketing of Financial Divorce Professionals: Go to video
  17. Marketing 101: 23 Steps in a successful marketing plan for Financial Divorce Specialists: Go to video
  18. Future Projections for future lifestyle needs: Go to video
  19. Lawyer Interviews: Value of CFDS: Go to video
  20. Case Study: Albert and Victoria (Under revision)
  21. Introduction to Module 4: Go to video
  22. Pension Valuator: Resource: Pension Valuator - Case notes, Go to video
  23. Resource:Case Study - Business Evaluation, Go to video
  24. Resource: Final Notes for Adam and Eva Case Study
  25. Full Plan Sample as per Module 3: Albert & Victoria
  26. Divorce in Québec - Civil Law Implications: Go to video, Resource: Civil Law and Divorce in Québec
  27. Cable TV Program on Divorce: Akeela Davis, dealing with Divorce issues, Go to video