About the Academy

Our organization focuses on helping couples navigate through the intricate transition of either becoming a new family unit or changing their dynamics into two households, when they engage with the skilled financial professionals, who we train to become Chartered Financial Divorce Specialists.

All CFDS specialists who take our course have a mandatory pre-requisite designation that forms the base of their knowledge before they work through the four modules to their graduation.

As true neutrals, we are able to identify the impact of major financial life choices at a challenging point in people’s lives projecting into the future to empower clients who are then able to better understand their monetary situation.

The material covers new terminology and legal processes, risk management, cash flow, complex asset division, and tax consequences that are unique to various jurisdictions across Canada.

The Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist program offers anyone who takes the course the opportunity to be a better financial planner, raising their profile and professional acumen.