Testimonials and Comments:

"Excellent, very informative, interesting and eye-opening. Appreciated all the great marketing tools. Especially liked the software!”

"I felt a sincere desire to make the designation of genuine value with integrity and recognition...the course was full of valuable information...I will feel very confident to proudly present myself as a Financial Divorce Specialist.”

"The relevant updated reference material for planning purposes was a pleasant surprise."

"Fantastic content, extremely well done, big bang for the buck!”

"Learned a lot, very practical, very useful.”

"Enhanced all my financial planning skills.”

"I like the fact that I can call toll free at any time for assistance or have my e-mails answered almost always within one day"

Commonly Asked Questions

Why does one choose to become a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS)?

To serve clients going through major life transitions.

To provide a much needed service to those separating and divorcing individuals during a difficult time in their lives.

To provide education and reduce stress regarding the financial aspects of income, asset division, debt management, tax concerns and cash flow challenges

Improve the long term impact to financial choices during life changing moments.

What does a CFDS do?

Assists clients in understanding their financial situation and the process they are going through when separating or divorcing.

Helps achieve goals and deals with concerns for financial security and a practical view of options being considered in pivotal times of transition.

Provides clients with a reality check

Uses projections and analytical tools to reveal the implications of choices being considered that effect tax costs, inflation, growth, cash flow, etc. both for today and years ahead.

How does a CFDS become qualified?

Financial professionals must have an existing financial designation as a base criteria to be eligible to take our program.

They enroll in our program consisting

  • Ethics, practice standards
  • Tax rules, tax credits and benefits
  • Risk management
  • Budgeting and cash flow analysis
  • Proprietary software to project all aspects of clients’ financial outcomes
  • Complete the 4 modules and exams, including case study work to graduate

What type of clients use the services of an CFDS?

  • Separating or divorcing couples
  • People who are in the process of joining lives and finances
  • Anyone going through a serious life transition.

How much does the average case cost?

Depending on the community the average case would generally cost have a large range, depending upon the scope of the work.

Starting expenses is at $1,500 for a very simple case.

If a long, involved case, the cost would be based on the scope and hours of work involved.

Is there any upgrading required for a CFDS?

It is necessary to have 15 annual education credits in this area, above the regular Financial Planning credits, to be a professional in good order and maintain the designation and a additional 5 in financial aspects of divorce or separations

Are there Chartered Financial Divorce Specialists across Canada?

Yes, all 10 provinces and 2 territories have qualified CFDS professionals available to serve the public.

To access a CFDS in your area, visit the Find a Specialist area of the website in About Us.

Where can a client obtain a copy of a Divorce Order, Certificate of Divorce or other court document such as Child support: Click here

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