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President's Message

Linda Cartier,

Welcome to our website. We are certain you will find information of interest and value.

Divorce is a life altering and almost always a financially challenging event of significant proportions.

"Increasingly, financial advisors, particularity those qualified as financial divorce specialists are becoming involved in helping people through divorce" - quote from the Investment Executive Money Planner magazine.

If you are considering divorce or in the process go to our general info page and also to our member directory to find a financial divorce specialist in your area.

For financial professionals you will find detailed information on the training provided and the role of the Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists as a membership organization.

The Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists is an Industry Canada Federally Incorporated and Registered Institution as described on our Academy Profile page.

It is my goal as President of the Academy to maintain the highest possible standards with respect to the training provided and the professional status of the organization.

I am a Certified and Registered Financial Planner and the first Financial Divorce Specialist in Canada (since 1996).

I personally oversee all educational development and serve as the primary trainer for both the self-study, in-class and advanced courses

You may contact me directly for further information through our Inquiry Page or by using our toll free telephone number 1-888-893-7526 during regular (Eastern time) business hours.

Thank you for your interest.

Linda Cartier, President, Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists.

Introducing the Financial Divorce Specialist (info pamphlet segment)


Professional Opportunity

Train In-Class or by Self-Study to "Make a Difference" as a Certified

Financial Divorce Specialist

2014 In-Class Training Toronto May 26,27,28 - Calgary 25,26,27


To help your own clients or others experiencing divorce

To create an additional income source or new business model

To increase and improve your financial knowledge and expertise

To acquire another designation - FDS - Financial Divorce Specialist

To acquire valuable CE Credits - Advocis (IAFE) 44.75 - FPSC 40 - IIROC 30 plus other provincial credits as applicable

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The role of the Financial Divorce Specialist (FDS) is to help individuals in separation and divorce situations avoid making costly financial mistakes in the division of assets as they relate to their future well being.

A Financial Divorce Specialist takes into consideration all the relevant data, facts and figures, plus the clients wishes and desires, to help determine the potential consequences of various financial scenarios.

Working alone or with a lawyer and/or mediator, the Financial Divorce Specialist offers professional assistance in the evaluation of the division of assets related to the individual's future income requirements “for better or worse”, but hopefully for the better.

Specific financial software is utilized with graphs and spreadsheets to help illustrate the results of possible decisions made in the division of assets. The individual involved then makes the final decision in their best interest. The Financial Divorce specialist is most often compensated on a fee for service and retainer basis.

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